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August 14, 2012 - In This Issue

Agreement Improves Coordination of Whistleblower Protections

Safety Mess: BP Agrees to Pay More than $13 Million for 2009 Refinery Accident

ANSI Approves AIHA Safety Management Standard

All injuries and workplace illnesses are preventable.
The award-winning DuPont STOP™ (Safety Training Observation Program) provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture, thus helping to prevent incidents and injuries.

STOP™ programs use a combination of methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely. The programs feature a three-part approach:

• Individual self-study using workbooks to introduce the basic concepts and begin safety skill development.
• Field or application activities to practice what they’ve learned in their own work areas.
• Group meetings during which participants view a video, discuss what they have learned and consider how it can be applied.

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Agreement Improves Coordination of Whistleblower Protections
New act protects railroad employees when they report safety violations or work-related injuries.

WHITE PAPER: Learn How to Survive Chemical Management Audits
Free White Paper outlines how to pass workplace chemical audits by ensuring that chemicals and related supplies are managed and controlled in accordance with regulations.

Learn how to:

• Identify applicable regulatory requirements
• Eliminate chemical safety deficiencies in the lab
• Manage chemicals in compliance with regulations
• Automate OSHA, SARA, TSCA, Tier II reporting
• Deploy a successful chemical safety management program
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Safety Mess: BP Agrees to Pay More than $13 Million for Refinery Accident
Under the agreement, all violations covered in the settlement have been corrected or will be corrected by Dec. 31, 2012.

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Omron STI's "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size, based on the distance from the hazard zone as required by ANSI and CSA standards based on recent data from the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Health and Safety. This three-segment stick features English measurements on one side and Metric measurements on the other. Safeguarding machinery by means of fixed and movable barrier guards is one of the most common means of protecting personnel from point of operation and other identified hazards. The Gotcha Stick is the easiest tool for verifying that openings in barrier guards will not allow the hazard zone to be accessed by an individual.
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ANSI Approves AIHA Safety Management Standard
New standard is designed to help organizations design and implement approaches to improve occupational health and safety performance.

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