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Need Certification Credits? Meet Your Dec. 31 Deadline!

Need to catch up on credits toward your CSP, CIH, CSHM, or CPEA? Workplace HR & Safety offers special packages to certificate holders who need to earn credits quickly and conveniently by Dec. 31.

CSPs, CIHs, CSHMs anp CPEAs can earn credits by reading articles offered by Workplace HR & Safety. We offer CSPs 2.5 credits per year, CSHMs as many as 5.0 credits per year, 0.5 per year to CIHs, and 12 hours of credit to CPEAs.

Whether you need credits to meet your Dec. 31 deadline, or you are looking for a convenient way to keep up in 2012, one of the packages below will fit your needs:

Procrastinators’ special
$200 for 40 articles and quizzes

  • CSPs, CSHMs receive 4 credits. No limit on points for this activity.
  • CIHs receive 0.5 credits per calendar year for completing 12 quizzes.
  • CPEAs receive a maximum of 8 hours credit for reading 16 articles.

Plan ahead package:
$320 for 40 articles and a 2012 subscription (a $20 discount)

2012 Renewal (Already have a subscription? Renew for 2013)
$120 for 25 articles and quizzes in 2012
CSPs, CSHMs receive 0.1 points per article. No limit on points for this activity.
CIHs receive 0.5 points per calendar year for completing 12 articles

Act now! Place your order.

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