HR Execs Find Advanced Degrees Add Value to Their Position, Says Academic Partnerships

Human resources (HR) executives agree that advanced academic degrees are important for employees looking to advance in their companies, according to a survey commissioned by Academic Partnerships (AP), one of the largest representatives of public universities' online learning around the world. The advantages of advanced degrees include upward mobility (89 percent), promotion (86 percent), and increase in salary (71 percent). However, these executives report that only half of their employees hold a bachelor's degree and less than a third (30 percent) hold a master's degree or above.

The survey polled nearly 275 HR executives involved in making decisions regarding continuous learning initiatives within their companies of at least 500 employees.

Despite the somewhat challenging economic environment, companies are continuing to fund continuous learning in the workplace, with HR executives reporting that their tuition assistance budgets are stable (61 percent) or increasing (30 percent). The vast majority (81 percent) of companies are funding all or some tuition for their employees.

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