Job Applicants Share their Insight into the Hiring Process

SilkRoad, a Chicago-based provider of HR software, sought to find out what applicants really think about employer recruiting processes in its recently released report, “Sharpening Your Talent Acquisition Practices: SilkRoad Talent Talk 2013 Employment Marketplace Survey Results.” The company surveyed 247 professionals about the hiring process to better understand how companies’ HR processes appear from the candidate’s perspective.

According to the survey, 67 percent of candidates are finding their jobs on company websites, followed by 65 percent on job boards. A whopping 91 percent agreed that detailed job descriptions are the most important information on a company’s career website. For those candidates finding job leads on social media, LinkedIn is far and away the leading source, used by 86 percent of these survey respondents, versus Facebook (18 percent) and Twitter (7 percent).

The survey also examined generational differences among applicants. According to the survey, Millenials are seeking flexible work arrangements and a passionate, engaged workforce first and foremost, while Generation X seeks a work/life balance and opportunities for professional development. Baby Boomers are in search of good benefits and recognition of their achievements.

The biggest complaints these job applicants have about the application process is lack of acknowledgement from hiring managers that a resume was received; lack of response after the interview; poor interviewing techniques; inefficient recruiting software; and a focus on technical skill that excludes consideration of the candidate’s professional qualities.

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