New Construction Management Report Shows Positive Returns for Companies Invested in Safety

A recent McGraw Hill Construction safety management survey, conducted in partnership with the online safety training provider ClickSafety, indicated a substantial positive impact for companies committed to investing in safety awareness and training initiatives.

The report was also sponsored by California innovative construction leaders, DPR Construction and Webcor Builders. Other supporters of the research included CPWR and United Rentals.

Citing benefits to the bottom line, worker productivity, efficiency and company reputation among others, the Safety Management in the Construction Industry: Identifying Risks and Reducing Accidents to Improve Site Productivity & Project ROI SmartMarket Report makes the case that companies effectively implementing workplace safety programs can bolster their financial and competitive position as well as keep their worksites safer.

"These findings are good news for the entire industry," says Brian Tonry, ClickSafety executive vice president and general manager. "The more we all recognize the many, many benefits of committing to and facilitating safety programs, the more widespread those programs become and the more we are able to reduce workplace safety-related incidents."

Specific study findings revealed that of companies who implemented safety management practices:

  • 71 percent reported lower injury rates;
  • 51 percent reported increases in project return on investment; and
  • 43 percent reported faster project schedules.

The survey also showed that larger companies are more likely to implement safety programs, with 92 percent of firms with more than 500 employees reporting having fully inclusive and widely observed safety programs, while smaller firms lag with nearly half (48 percent) reporting the same. In addition, 79 percent of respondents reported worker health and well-being as the key driver for investment in their safety program.

For more information, view the full SmartMarket Report.